$30 US hour        $20 1/2 hour


Q: Purified water and ice?
A: All drinks and foods are made with purified water. We buy it certified as such. All fruits and vegetables are microbe washed so enjoy. The food is wonderful.

Q: Is there a fee for your reservations or seating?
A: No, our seating and reservations are complimentary for our guests.

Q: How long will you hold my reservation?
A: Because we do not require any deposit to hold reservations, we can only hold your reservation for 2 hours after your ship’s arrival time. Special late arrivals can be scheduled ahead.

Q: Do you reserve your entire restaurant?
A: No we only reserve loungers and set umbrella and shade tables. However, depending on the weather, we usually have some walk up seating. If wind allows, we put up canopies, have coco palm shade that gets larger as the day goes and have adorandocks that can be pulled up almost anywhere on our beach.

Q: Do you take US dollars or credit cards?
A: We do not take credit cards at this time. US dollars are fine and your menu is priced as such.

Q: How far are you from the port?
A: We are a short 4-5 minute, $2 USD per person, cab drive from the port. The same cost for your return and a taxi will be waiting next to our place for your return.

Q: How do you do a free phone for anyone?
A: We use an internet service with a US calling plan.

Q: Do I need to be concerned about my safety?
A: Mahahual is a very safe and small town. Everyone knows everyone and all very much value the feeling that goes with knowing our streets are safe for us, as well as the tourists we rely on for our livelihood.

Q: Why all the military presence in the area if the town is so safe?
A: The military in Mexico is more of a federal type police force, responsible for law enforcement in specific federal areas, like the beach areas and immigration points, which your port is.

Q: Who is Buster?
A: You'll know him when you see him.

Beach Massage

Costa Maya and the Tropicante are quickly becoming known as the place to get a great massage for not a lot of money. Our team of masseuses are the best in Mahahual. All are trained by government required classes and hold advanced certifications that allow them to work legally as licensed massage professionals. It also assures our guests are getting the wonderful relaxing massage they pay for and expect.
Let Rebecca, Elisa or Helena work you from head to toe while you relax and enjoy the sounds and smells of the Caribbean that surround. All three are delightful ladies, as sweet and professional as they are pretty! You will love them!!

Tropicante Store

Tropicante T-shirts ($15 US), as well as litres of everyone's favorite, El Compadre ($15 US per liter) are on sale inside.

Try the Mango Moonshine Company's locally made, aged craft whiskey too and take a bottle home. ($15 US per 250 ml bottle) This local whiskey is aged in hand made oak barrels for 32 months, and when ready, is one of the nicest, robustly sweet spirits you'll find.

And coming soon, our favorite Jalisco boutique tequila distillery's complete line of fine tequilas.

Reservation Policy

The Tropicante reserves seating as a complimentary service to our guests. The government of  Mexico regulates the amount of seating we can have on their beach, so we have to be very careful and specific how we reserve. No deposit reservations means some no-shows. Because we do not require a deposit, we only hold reservations for two hours after your ships arrival time. Exceptions are fine but must be made in advance.

Not all guests must choose the same seating, however we can only reserve one type of seating per person.  Guests can choose either full loungers, adirondacks type for those who like to move them around, like in the water, or regular tables and chairs. We have lots of shade pergolas and coco trees, so shade or sun is never a problem. The loungers have small drink tables and the waiters get you a full table when you are ready for lunch. 

We do not reserve all of our beach, so walk up guests are always welcome.

How Do I Get There?

The Tropicante is located in the center of Mahahual’s downtown beach and its world famous “Malecon”, the town’s 1.5 mile, pedestrian only, concrete oceanfront avenue. Taxis outside the port's exit are best these days for getting to us, if you can find the gate. Just walk past the port's shuttles and you'll find it, and the yellow taxis are just up the street. Just tell them "Tropicante" and they know where to take you. Shuttles are slower, have very inconsistent stops and too many hawkers at each stop to confuse you. If you do shuttle, take the map and watch for land sharks at the stops. ALWAYS GET THE NUMBER OF YOUR TAXI  and report any to us who do not drop you directly at our location. 


A favorite for cruise ship passengers, where guests can reserve loungers and beach shade tables in advance, a complimentary service for our guests, as is wifi and all the fun you can have. And the best part is, you can do all this from the very best beach in the Western Caribbean, the downtown Mahahual beach. Once your driver drops you at the Tropicante's door step, sit back, relax and prepared to be pampered. Our concierge will get you seated and start you a tab, and your waiters will bring your food and beverage right to your water front lounger or shade table, and arrange any activities you might want to try while you are a guest at the Tropicante. 

The Tropicante is Costa Maya’s premier oceanfront restaurant/beach break. A favorite for cruise ship passengers, where guests can relax on the beautiful white sand beaches and enjoy our traditional Mexican and American favorites, ice cold Mexican beers, tropical fruit drinks and fusion dishes like Costa Maya Jambalaya and fajita steak sandwiches. Snorkel boats, beach massage, fishing, stand up paddle boards and banana boat can all be arranged the day you arrive at the best rates found anywhere in Costa Maya.

Just copy the map to the left and follow it into the town, no matter if you taxi or shuttle. If you shuttle, no matter what they tell you in the port, there is really no telling what stop is best. Drivers cut their own deals locally, so we might be the only stop, the 3rd, or even the first?? Just stay on the shuttle until you see the first buildings on your right. Each shuttle driver seems to have his "favorite places" to stop after the infamous 1st stop, but just wait until you pass through the section of older downtown buildings and hotels on the right and left. Get out at the first open area after those buildings when you see the basketball dome and soccer field.  The photo on the below right, shows the intersection you will see with the dome in the background.  The below left photo is looking from that intersection, back toward the ocean. Copy the map and take the open air shuttle and you'll find us, no problem. Caution: Taxi drivers tell you that you must have a reservation or we charge entry fees, neither of which is true. ALWAYS GET THE NUMBER OF YOUR TAXI and report any driver to us who does not bring you to us.

Copy The Map To Your Phone And You'll Find Us

Sorry, still no credit cards. Cash only and all priced in US dollars.
Have Questions or Want To Reserve A Table?
Email Steve at: steveuhl@sandalsandskis.com

Want to do a bike ride while you are in town? How about an all day picnic trip?  

Click here for more info.

Downtown Bike Rental

$10 US hour All Day $30 US

View From The Tropicate Back To The Port