Not all guests must choose the same seating, however we can only reserve one type of seating per person.  Guests can choose either full loungers, adirondacks type for those who like to move them around, like in the water, or regular tables and chairs. We have lots of shade pergolas and coco trees, so shade or sun is never a problem. The loungers have small drink tables and the waiters get you a full table when you are ready for lunch. 

‚ÄčRegular tables and chairs for those who do not want loungers ... and yes, they still take those into the water. 

Seating and Reservation Policy 

We do not reserve all our beach, so walk up guests are welcome. 

To reserve, go to the contacts page and let us know the date, your ship, how many and the type seating you want.



Adirondacks for kids, but Moms and Dads can take them into the water too!

The Tropicante reserves seating as a complimentary service to our guests. The government of  Mexico regulates the amount of seating we can have on their beach, so we have to be very careful and specific how we reserve. No deposit reservations means some no-shows. Because we do not require a deposit, we only hold reservations for two hours after your ships arrival time. Exceptions are fine but must be made in advance.