Taxis outside the port's exit are best these days for getting to us, if you can find the gate. Just walk past the port's shuttles and you'll find it, and the yellow taxis are just up the street. Just tell them "Tropicante" and they know where to take you. Shuttles are slower, have very inconsistent stops and too many hawkers at each stop to confuse you. If you do shuttle, take the map and watch for land sharks at the stops. ALWAYS GET THE NUMBER OF YOUR TAXI  and report any to us who do not drop you directly

buildings and hotels on the right and left. Get out at the first open area after those buildings when you see the basketball dome and soccer field on your right.  

The photo on the right, shows the intersection you will see when the taxi drops you and you look toward the ocean. Look for that orange building you see on the right in the photo. It is a very fast, safe and easy transport, but the some of locals can be tricky, so just be aware no matter how you transport and you will have no problem finding us.

 Caution: Taxi drivers tell you that you must have a reservation or we charge entry fees, neither of which is true. ALWAYS GET THE NUMBER OF YOUR TAXI and report any driver to us who does not bring you to us.

The Tropicante is located in the center of Mahahual’s downtown beach and its world famous “Malecon”, the town’s 1.5 mile, pedestrian only, concrete oceanfront avenue.  at our location. 

For a more detailed description of the transport from the port, check our blog link here.

Just copy the map to the right and follow it into the town, no matter if you taxi or shuttle. If you shuttle, no matter what they tell you in the port, there is really no telling what stop is best. Drivers cut their own deals locally, so we might be the only stop, the 3rd, or even the first?? Just stay on the shuttle until you see the first buildings on your right. Each shuttle driver seems to have his "favorite places" to stop after the infamous 1st stop, but just wait until you pass through the section of older downtown 

Taxis now charge by the car. A small 4 person car like the one in the photo, is $8 US each way. There are different size taxis and a captain at the stand to help you get the right size. Shuttles are $3 US each way per person.