Q: Purified water and ice?
A: All drinks and foods are made with purified water. We buy it certified as such. All fruits and vegetables are microbe washed so enjoy. The food is wonderful.

Q: Is there a fee for your reservations or seating?
A: No, our seating and reservations are complimentary for our guests.

Q: How long will you hold my reservation?
A: Because we do not require any deposit to hold reservations, we can only hold your reservation for 2 hours after your ship’s arrival time. Special late arrivals can be scheduled ahead.

Q: Do you reserve your entire restaurant?
A: No we only reserve loungers and set umbrella and shade tables. However, depending on the weather, we usually have some walk up seating. If wind allows, we put up canopies, have coco palm shade that gets larger as the day goes and have adorandocks that can be pulled up almost anywhere on our beach.

Q: Do you take US dollars or credit cards?
A: We do not take credit cards at this time. US dollars are fine and your menu is priced as such.

Q: How far are you from the port?
A: We are a short 4-5 minute, $2 USD per person, cab drive from the port. The same cost for your return and a taxi will be waiting next to our place for your return.

Q: How do you do a free phone for anyone?
A: We use an internet service with a US calling plan.

Q: Do I need to be concerned about my safety?
A: Mahahual is a very safe and small town. Everyone knows everyone and all very much value the feeling that goes with knowing our streets are safe for us, as well as the tourists we rely on for our livelihood.

Q: Why all the military presence in the area if the town is so safe?
A: The military in Mexico is more of a federal type police force, responsible for law enforcement in specific federal areas, like the beach areas and immigration points, which your port is.

Q: Who is Buster?
A: You'll know him when you see him.Type your paragraph here.