The Mango Moonshine Company

Costa Maya's Only

Micro-Brewer & Artisan Distiller

First Barrel Aged Whiskey, Smooth Handcrafted Vodka, Rich Full Flavored Beers and Flavored Moonshine Whiskeys 

David Randal began making hobby whiskey many years ago at his fishing lodge in Xcalak Mexico, the last stop, at the tip of the Costa Maya's jungle peninsula. His guests loved his whiskey, always eager to get back after a day of throwing flies, to enjoy his private "shine", as the locals all called it. As his product continued to get better, his hobby soon became a serious business.

Doing anything in the remote jungles of southern Mexico is not easy, especially making a consistently high quality product like an artisan spirit. Getting quality raw materials, and even water, is almost impossible. But not for the dedicated artist and whiskey lover like David.

He first added his own water purification system, to assure consistent water quality, and now has water cleaner than you can buy from a bottle in the US. His system could produce far more water than he needed, so he did what any other lover of fine hooch would do. He started brewing beer.

His micro-brewery makes blond, red and brown ales, a sweet black porter, and an incredible full flavored stout. All can be purchased at the Tropicante for $4 US per bottle.

David's signature product is his Long Shot First Barrel, Aged Whiskey, a true "artisan" spirit, if ever there was one. Special oak is brought in, and a local word worker hand makes all his barrels, assuring the sweet oak and vanilla flavor that is Longshot Whiskey. Even the bottle is a work of art, hand blown in Jalisco, and can be used long after the whiskey has been enjoyed.

3/4 Liter Bottle $100        1/4 Liter Bottle $40

His Vodka is a clean, martini quality spirit, that goes down easy and is great for any ​mixed dink. Just like the whiskeys, David hand crafts every bottle, giving it the smooth taste that beats that old goose any day! Good enough for even the Russian guests to say, "Very goodski!"

​3/4 Liter Bottle $100         1/4 Liter Bottle $40

His Mula Blanca is not for everyone, but if you like white corn whiskey, it is one of the best you'll find.

1/4 Liter Bottle $25

Jalapeno flavored is great for making a zippy Bloody Mary, and the butterscotch makes most sweet tropical drinks, even nicer.

1/4 Liter Bottle $25.

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Artisan Spirits & Micro-Brews


Triple Distilled Clear Anejo

Soooooo Smooth

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Las Tres Cruces Fine Tequilas and Liqueurs

Truly Fine Artisan Spirits From Jalisco,

The Home Of Mexico's Tequilas

Don Tomas' tequilas are like many in Jalisco, small, hands on production and sold only regionally, so to find it, you have always had to travel back into the mountains, which few foreigners do. Locals have always love it, but that was all who even knew it existed. Why? Because almost all the tequilas exported out of Mexico, are done through 2 companies. If you do not sell your operation to one of them, it will not get exported. The result is almost all the fine artisan tequilas are undiscovered and left to be consumed by only the lucky few. 

And lucky for us, and you, our friend Victor Cruz, is also a very good friend of Don Tomas, and you can now find this fine products in Costa Maya at our Tropicante Ameri-Mex Grill. He produces a full line of tequilas and flavored liqueurs, with his aged tequilas being his finest.

All his aged tequilas are from first run barrels, and he monitors each one individually. Not all wood is the same, therefore not all barrels age the same, so each one must monitored individually and bottled only when he says the flavor is exactly as it should be.

His reposado, or "rested", has been in the barrel for at least 18 months, and has the smoothest of flavors of the aged tequilas. Agave flavor with just a hint of the oak. If a barrel has already past the flavor point for his rested product, it back into the aging cellars to become the anejo, or "aged" tequila. In about another 18 months, those barrels are bottled, with only a select few, chosen for their individual flavor after 3 years, that go back to the seller for even more aging where it will become the extra anejo, his finest bottle. Extra anejo typically takes between 48 and 60 months, with 5 years being the longest any tequila should ever stay in a barrel. Unlike many whiskys, tequila after 5 years loses its agave flavor and takes on too much of the wood, so if anyone tells you their anejo is aged longer, don't buy it!
Liter bottles: Triple Distilled Clear Anejo $150 US

Extra Anejo $150 US Anejo $102 US Reposado $100

Before Don Tomas begins aging his tequilas, he again, hand selects just the right batches to be bottled without aging, or the Las Tres Cruces Blanco tequila, as a specialty margarita and drink tequila. When it is time to make that top shelf margarita, this blanco is what you use.
1 Liter Blanco $80

The flavored tequila liqueurs use the fine blanco tequila, infused with many different flavors that make wonderful and multi-use spirits.
1 Liter $80 US 1/2 Liter $50 1/4 Liter $30

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